Is RepublicanMania a right-wing web site? No. This site will be facts not fiction.

A wave has hit this Republic the likes of which have not been seen in quite a while.  The Republic will now have a Republican President, Senate, House, 33 governors and 32 state legislative . The Republic will naturally move to a more conservative nation.

This movement motivated me to create this web site. This site will have actual news from our Federal Government ( .gov ) sites and not from the bias Mainstream Media or my opinion.

This site will try to simplify what our govenment is doing so that it will be easier to understand to the average voter who does not have time to research each issue.

My Blog, Podcasts and Social Media content on the other hand will be my opinion. I will tell you that up front. I look forward to keeping track of all the great things that are in store for this Republic in each of the three branches of our government.

I hope you enjoy this site as much as I have enjoyed creating it.